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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Vince is the Best ! If u need ur car tune-up and u want a good job were the staff is friendly,helpful and very concerned about ur vehicle. When I finally found Vince my car was in such bad shape , I was getting ripped off in van nuys constanly paying $300 every 90 days! But Vince & his friendly staff that are AAA mechanic are the best! My car got hot and I didn't have a vehicle they gave me a Loaner car u can't this service just anywhere. Well now I have a Uncle Vince because he treated me like family! Just to let u know I am not a easy customer but Vince & Edward were always polite and courteous . My car runs better than it ever have! They had to replace my radiator, water pump, timing belt....Uncle Vince is the only place for my Becky (its what I call my Pt Cruiser) I am very happy! Thanks Vince!!"

— Meeya W.

"I've been going to Vince for years. He's been with me through a couple of cars that he was able to keep running long after they should have been retired to the junk heap. If your finances are not great he will tell you what needs to be done now and what can wait. He doesn't try to push anything on you like some mechanics and dealers do. I've never had a problem and trust him and his crew completely."

— Deb M.

"OMG Vince is the best mechanic I've been to! He found the problem with my car that 3 other shops have not been able to detect. Vince's expertise and professionalism speak for themselves. I would not hesitate to recommend this shop to anyone. He is awesome! Thank you...."

— Reba F.

"Had a wonderful experience at Vince's Automotive!!!"

— Center Valley A.

"Vince has been great with my car. I bought a 2000 Hyundai Elantra without much inspection, so I had no idea what I was getting into. He gave me a detailed inspection report. I'm an "income sensitive" client (or "poor" if you wanna be an asshole) and we worked to come up with a list of priorities, from safety to cosmetic. I brought the car in a series of times whenever I had some spare cash and handled all the safety stuff, and will get working on cosmetic stuff soon. He gives accurate price estimates, too. I recommend him highly."

— P B.

"I've had Vince and his crew work on my car twice and the whole team is amazing. Prices are very reasonable and the service is great. Both times I've been there the place is always busy so you know people trust this guy. Even though they are busy, they do there best to get your car back asap. Based on my past two experience, this will definitely be the place where I'll be taking my car in for fixes and tune ups."

— David A.

"Very happy with his work. He is very honest with you. Friendly service as well. I already have my family and friends ready to go to him when the next car issue arises"

— Cindy F.

"I'm always a bit wary about walking into an automotive repair shop for the first time. I know it's wrong, but sometimes being a woman I feel like they think I'm clueless, which I pretty much am regarding engines, and an easy target to be taken advantage of. Vince greeted me at the entrance, and thoroughly explained what they were going to do. I had a number of issues, and he took care of everything, and so quickly, including replacing parts. I highly recommend this company, I 'm telling my whole family, I have def. found my new automotive repair place!"

— Victoria P.

"Vince's Automotive is an excellent shop. Great people and even better service. I am definitely coming back here the next time i need anything done to my car. I recommend everyone to come by"

— Eden N.

"After searching for a real expert to take my cars to, I found one. I have been to many shops and never felt like I would return. Now I take the two Mercedes, the Toyota and the Jeep to Vince's and he does me right....the first time and time is money for me. So far, so good. Good work."

— S.D. V.

"I started going to Vince about a year ago after feeling like I was getting ripped off at another shop. (I'm a young woman and don't know much about cars and mechanics like to take advantage of that.) He looked at the work I'd had done other places and what I was paying and told me what was necessary and what wasn't. He was very nice and explained everything to me very patiently even though I had a lot of questions. He has decent prices and is very honest about how urgent work is. He's also very thorough in all routine check-ups. There is a restaurant nearby if you want to have a bite while you wait. But if the work is going to take a long time Vince will have one of his guys drive you home and then come pick you up when the car is finished. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!"

— Natalie P.

"Heard about Vince from other performance jocks. Saw the write ups in a couple of car mags over the years so tried him out. He is an auto technician from the word go. Has the right cert's and tells it like it is. Honest and a good guy."

— Charles B.

"Vince is like family. I drive from Calabassas to have my car serviced. That is because I only trust Vince with my car. He and his team are simply the best."

— Zohreh V.

"I have been going to Vince's Automotive for many years – I'm very happy with his services. I was just there on 2-20-12. Everyone there is very good and pleasant. I would recommend him to anyone."

— Joyce G.

"Been coming here for years. Great service."

— Bob F.

"They were very helpful and got the job done quick."

— Bill H.

"Honesty and integrity is hard to find in an auto repair shop. Well, look no further. The people at Vince's Automotive are honest and up front. They are very friendly, the prices are fair, and the cleanliness of the shop rivals the nearby restaurants.

"We took our car here after the warranty expired without recommendation, just an Auto Club referral. After years of going to dealers, we tried a couple of other independent shops and felt like we weren't getting screwed (at the dealers or the independent shops).

"He gave us reasonable quotes and tried to save us money where he could. For example, he fixed a part rather than replacing it, which saved us several hundred dollars (and is still working fine after two years).

"He also pointed out how the fuel filter had never been changed. He showed us some markings from the factory, an original filter to the hose that had never been disturbed — which was clear proof. Despite having paid to have it replaced as part of the scheduled maintenance at the dealers throughout the years.

"And to top it off, he likes to steam clean the engine before working on it. I don't blame him, it makes it easier for him to work on, but it is a nice touch to come out with a clean engine."

- Phillip G. at Yelp.com

"I love Vince's! My dad has been taking our cars here for years, and now I do too. He is honest and fair priced, and he won't make you spend money you don't need to. He has had a lot of experience with cars (even working at a dealership at some point), so he knows what he is talking about. The space is a little small, but not much of a problem, plus there is a restaurant where you can order food while your car is getting serviced. I would recommend him to all my friends."

- Caser-and S. at Yelp.com

"My daughter needed to have her car brake & lamp certified after being in an accident. She took her car to a different place and they told her she needed over $700.00 worth of repairs. She took it to Vince's Automotive, who had been highly recommended by her mechanic. Her car passed the inspection no problem. The people at Vince's were honest and didn't try to take advantage of a young woman. They were friendly and got the inspection done in a timely manner and their fee was very reasonable."

- Ruth R. at InsiderPages.com

"I love these guys! They are fast and honest!!"

- Jennifer at Yahoo.com

"We are a 3 car family and there was always something going wrong with one of them. We spent so much money going to bad mechanics that we swear made things worse so they could try and fix them. My boss told me about Vince and we had a car towed there from another shop who was lost if you ask me. Vince found the problem and gave us a break because we had already paid other people so much. Times are tough and we appreciated it. That is now one big problem off our minds."

- Neecee V. at Insiderpages.com

"FINALLY. I have had bad luck with repair places up to now. Vince fixed my car the right way the first time. I had already paid two other shops hard money for nothing! Today's cars are too confusing for the back yard guys which is all I had been finding. The AAA means something here."

- Leroy P. at Insiderpages.com

"My initial reaction is not to trust auto mechanics. It's because I don't know enough about cars to know if I am being taken advantage of. That being said, it's stressful when an issue arises with my car and I am forced to call the service dealership. And this dealership has tried to rip me off in the past (long story which ends with catalytic converter). So my car was having issues starting and required its scheduled maintenance. I found Vince online and he quickly took care of the ignition starting problem (battery) and my scheduled maintenance. He provided a future service recommendation without ANY pressure. Vince will not scare you, unless he has to. It was painless and less than what the dealership quoted. I am writing this review because I need him to be around for a long time, since I plan to have him take care of all my family's car service issues. "

- Alexander K.

"He does good, solid work! I take my company vehicles to him and he really does a great job! "

- Chef Bigfoot..

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